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White House Official Forced To Resign Because of Past Marijuana Use

The White House official forced to resign because of past marijuana use was an advisor to the National Economic Council.

White House Official Forced To Resign Because of Past Marijuana Use
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The news just broke about a White House official forced to resign because of past marijuana use. The official in question is George David Banks. His departure is the third resignation from the Trump Camp this week.

George David Banks

Until just very recently, George David Banks was a senior official in Donald Trump’s presidential administration. He served as a member of the National Economic Council. Specifically, he was an advisor on the topics of energy and the environment.

Banks had been working with the Trump administration for a solid year. But, like approximately 36 other White House staffers, Banks didn’t have a permanent security clearance. He had only been given an interim security clearance.

Yesterday, Banks was informed that he would not be granted a coveted permanent security clearing. Banks didn’t qualify for that.

All because he admitted to smoking marijuana. Back in 2013.

Since a rejection of a permanent security clearing is quite a serious issue, Banks took the matter into his own hands. He handed in his letter of resignation.

To be clear, this now-former top player in the Trump administration was not fired. Nor was he compelled to quit because of a failed drug test. Banks resigned because past cannabis consumption disqualified him from obtaining the security clearance he needed.

Of his resignation, Banks had this to say:

“It was an honor to serve the president at the White House and I look forward to supporting the president in the future.”

Given the circumstances, he left on a graceful and dignified note.

Final Hit: White House Official Forced To Resign Because of Past Marijuana Use

The irony here is undeniable. The Trump administration, particularly Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has been vehement in its opposition to anything having to do with marijuana. The administration is against legalized recreational use among adults and is even against the plant being used for medical purposes, as evidenced by Sessions’ rescission of the Cole Memo just a month ago.

And yet, now, it appears that these rigid stances have taken out of their own.

Banks is now the third White House official to resign over the period of a week. Staff Secretary Rob Porter turned in his letter of resignation last Wednesday and was followed by the speechwriter David Sorensen two days later, last Friday.

Although Banks is the third White House staffer to leave in this seven-day period, he is the first to do so due to past marijuana consumption rather than allegations of domestic abuse.

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