Wisconsin Governor Pardons Several for Cannabis Offenses

Tony Evers, the first-term Democrat, has granted more than 600 total pardons in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued another round of pardons last week, including 11 for individuals previously convicted of cannabis-related offenses.

Clemency has been a defining part of Evers’ gubernatorial tenure.

In May, Evers issued dozens to bring his total number of pardons to 498, with his office saying at the time that he had “granted more pardons during his first three years in office than any other governor in contemporary history.”

The first-term Democrat, who is up for re-election this year, granted another 49 pardons on Friday to bring his total up to 603.

“It is one of the most rewarding parts of my job as governor to have the opportunity to grant a fresh start to folks who’ve made efforts to learn and grow from their past mistakes,” said Evers. “Forgiveness is an important value I know we all share as Wisconsinites, and I’m grateful for the Pardon Advisory Board for continuing to prioritize this work, giving folks second chances so they can continue their work giving back.”  

As was the case in May, a number of last week’s pardon recipients had been previously busted on pot-related charges. The governor’s office provided brief descriptions of each of those individuals, and details of their offenses:

  • “Cynthia Cook was 31 when she participated in selling marijuana to a confidential informant. A mother and caretaker, she now resides in Oconto Falls.”
  • “Candace Davis was 40 when she sold a controlled substance to an informant and was subsequently found in possession of marijuana and controlled substances. Now 28 years later, she has maintained steady employment in Beloit, where she resides with her family.”
  • “Deontae Hodges was 24 when he was found in possession of marijuana during a traffic stop. He resides in Milwaukee where he has maintained steady employment. The Court supports his pardon.”
  • “Matthew Kasel was 20 when he purchased marijuana from an undercover officer. Now nearly two decades later, he owns an HVAC business and resides in Kaukauna with his family.”
  • “Gerald Love was 27 when he was found in possession of marijuana. Since, he has earned his GED and CDL. He now resides in Milwaukee with his family.”
  • “Leonard Maland was 25 when police caught him selling marijuana. Now, nearly three decades later, he drives trucks and owns a small mobile restaurant with his spouse in Eau Claire, where he now resides.”
  • “Anthony Naber was not yet 20 when he sold marijuana to a confidential informant two decades ago. Residing in Wisconsin with his family, he has since obtained two associate degrees and volunteers in his community. The district attorney’s office supports his pardon.”
  • “Matthew Raap was 18 years old when he sold marijuana and controlled substances to undercover officers. Now years later, he resides in Richfield where he has built a successful career in the cybersecurity field and volunteers to help incarcerated individuals receive their college degree. He received resounding community support for his pardon, including from both the Court and district attorney’s office.”
  • “Jim Swanson was 25 when he sold marijuana to an undercover officer 28 years ago. He now resides in Ellsworth where he cares for his mother.”
  • “Errick Weiser had marijuana growing on his property. He earned his bachelor’s degree and volunteers with his county’s fair board and the Wisconsin Parasite Museum. The district attorney’s office supports his pardon.”
  • “Peter Wussow was in his 30s when he was mailed a package of marijuana, which he intended to sell with others. He has since built a career in welding and now resides in Oshkosh with his family.”

In addition to exercising his pardon power, Evers has also been a vocal champion of cannabis reform in the Badger State, repeatedly calling on lawmakers there to end the prohibition on pot.

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  1. It is preposterous to have a so called president that is obviously a crackhead like his son sit there and destroy our once great country a n d not get these poor souls out of prison.i don’t see how they can sleep at night …oh yeah it’s because him and his son are crackhead. The proof is in the puddin..and they are pudding us in a downward spiral

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