Woman Arrested After Advertising Illicit Weed Business On Snapchat

Word to the wise, or rather, to this woman arrested after advertising illicit weed business on Snapchat: don’t do this.
Woman Arrested After Advertising Illicit Weed Business On Snapchat

A woman arrested after advertising illicit weed business on Snapchat reminds us that very few things are private anymore.

In the age of social media, anybody can be, for lack of better terms, anything. A pseudo-celebrity, a faux-model, or even an unspecified ‘entrepreneur’.

Apparently, it has even facilitated the transition to becoming a bottom of the barrel weed dealer.

Or at least, this was the case of an inept drug dealer who blatantly advertised her own illicit weed business on the social media app Snapchat.

Questionable Marketing

According to The Beatrice Daily Sun, Nebraska authorities were tipped off about a video on Madison Carlson’s Snapchat that depicted a large bag of cannabis, with a corresponding caption reading “Hit me up.”

It doesn’t take a veteran criminal detective to decipher the young woman’s words.

Following the post, authorities went to Carlson’s residence around 9:30 PM and immediately noticed two cars in a nearby alley with their lights on.

In one vehicle, police found Carson and one female minor. According to police documents, the car wreaked of weed. In the other, a male juvenile, who, upon further inspection, was carrying a concealed bag of marijuana in his waistband.

The two female accomplices told police they had just gotten rid of the pot until Carlson was removed from the vehicle, and eventually forked over an additional 32 grams and $80 in cash.

The women then admitted to selling weed to the male juvenile and splitting the profits. Police also found unnamed paraphernalia within the confines of Carlson’s home, after allowing the authorities to do so.

Per the Sun, Carlson was then arrested, and charged for the distribution of a controlled substance to a juvenile, use of a juvenile to distribute a controlled substance, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

She was also charged with possession of drug money, two counts contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of more than an ounce of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Final Hit: Woman Arrested After Advertising Illicit Weed Business On Snapchat

It’s unclear what sort of charges the minors face, considering their juvenile status, but Carlson could be in over her head.

Nebraska remains underdeveloped, in terms of cannabis laws, and all forms of marijuana remain illegal in the state.

Although the plant was partially decriminalized back in 1979, the state hasn’t had much success in further implementing the plant in mainstream society.

Back in 2015, the “Cannabis Compassion and Care Act,”was proposed in front of state legislators, but the bill was ultimately nixed in 2016.

The legislation would have allowed for medical patients with serious illnesses such as such as cancer, glaucoma, and HIV, to utilize medicinal cannabis in liquid or pill form.

However, the state could go forward with another proposed legislation, Lincoln Sen. Anna Wishart has proposed a constitutional amendment resolution, which would allow Nebraska residents to vote on legal medical marijuana.

Unfortunately for Carlson, however, there are no provisions being drawn up for recreational Snapchat dispensaries.

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