Woman Bonds Out of Jail For Meth and Weed, Causes Crash Days Later

A series of unfortunate events: a woman bonds out of jail for meth and weed, causes crash days later.
Woman Bonds Out of Jail For Meth and Weed, Causes Crash Days Later

A Missouri woman bonds out of jail for meth and weed, causes crash days later and is now in trouble with the law again. Talk about having a rough week.

28-year old Jennifer Dumas of Joplin, Missouri, was involved in two misfortunate acts over the past of week. She is now in critical condition after causing a large car crash on Highway 43 on Tuesday morning. The accident occurred just two days after being arrested for various drug-related and theft charges.

Drugs and Cars Don’t Mix Well

Woman Bonds Out of Jail For Meth and Weed, Causes Crash Days Later
Missouri Police Department

Dumas, along with 21-year-old Sarah Humbard and  25-year-old Dustin Henson was initially arrested on Sunday night for being inside a stolen car in a Walmart parking lot. In addition, Dumas and Humbard were charged with possession of marijuana and meth.

On Tuesday morning around 9:30 A.M. Dumas, driving a black Impala, was then seen driving recklessly with another unidentified vehicle at the Rapid Roberts Truck Stop parking lot and on a local road, before driving southbound on Highway 43.

She had just bonded out from the Joplin City Jail a day earlier after being charged with possession of a controlled substance.

According to Joplin Police Captain Trevor Duncan, Dumas got into a head-on collision with 48-year-old Afton, Oklahoma resident Maria Leonard.

“Dumas was southbound on 43 Highway, crossed the center line and hit Maria Leonard, 48, of Afton, Oklahoma head-on. Dumas is listed in critical condition. Leonard is listed in serious, but stable condition,” Duncan said.

Authorities say the car Dumas was driving was not stolen, and authorities remain on the lookout for the identify the driver of the second car involved in the accident.

Final Hit: Woman Bonds Out of Jail For Meth and Weed, Causes Crash Days Later

At the moment, it’s not clear what charges the 28-year-old Dumas faces, nor is it evident how her arrest just two days prior will affect her sentencing. The important thing, however, is that both drivers recuperate from this horrific incident.

It’s also unclear if this impacts Missouri’s crusade to legalize medical cannabis. While weed was certainly the least of Dumas’ worries, Missouri has been one of the more stringent states when it comes to cannabis usage, and Dumas’ prior marijuana charge, coupled with her latest transgression, could shine a negative, albeit totally unwarranted, light on driving under the influence of cannabis. However, only time will tell.

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