Canada Health Minister Is Exploring Regulatory Models for Nationwide Pot Reform

Canada heath officials are not wasting any time getting into the pertinent details for how the country might establish a taxed and regulated cannabis market.

Earlier last week, just as the United States was preparing to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the northern nation’s Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, told CBC News that the Canadian government was already wrist deep in an exploratory expedition to find the appropriate regulatory model for bringing prohibition to end across the land.

However, convinced “the world is going to be looking to Canada to make sure we do the job well,” the nation’s leading heath officer admits to having some troubles pinpointing a model that addresses every concern. She says a task force of scientists and medical professionals was currently being assembled to assist her in hashing out the issue.

Philpott told reporters that after having open conversations about marijuana with her four children, she is convinced that the current model of criminalization is not working. Therefore, her task, at this point, is to find the smartest approach to legalizing marijuana – not try to persuade Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reconsider the idea.

“I think if any of your viewers, if they ask their teenage children, they can verify for them that [marijuana] is far too accessible. And obviously there’s issues around safety and concentrations that are available in certain products are very dangerous,” Philpott said. “Often the products are not pure, and that’s something that’s a serious health concern for us.”

Although she says it is far too early to even begin to speculate as to what kinds of regulations will be attached to Canadian weed, Philpott suggests the model will be one that puts the product into the hands of adults and makes it more difficult for impressionable youth to get it on the black market.

Canada is proving serious about becoming one of the most progressive nations in the world by working expeditiously to modify its pot policies. It was just earlier this month when Prime Minister Trudeau submitted a letter to Philpott and a couple of other key figures directing them to work together to formulate the best plan of attack.

Throughout Trudeau’s campaign, he maintained that one of his primary missions was to “legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana,” a promise that certainly seems to be on the right track to becoming a reality.

Health Minister Philpott understands that while there may still be some apprehensiveness on this issue, the majority of the population will support the government’s work to come up with a successful regulatory model.

“Most thoughtful Canadians recognize that the current system isn’t working and they’re looking to us to make sure we make a wise decision,” she said.

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