Dog Joins Suspects, Lies Down for Cops

A fairly ordinary drug bust in Brazil became a viral sensation this week after an obedient – and ultimately very clever – guard dog on the scene joined the surrendering suspects who were ordered to lie down by officers.

The combined police and military operation occurred in the Vargem Grande neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. Authorities seized marijuana and cocaine, as well as weighing scales and firearms, during the bust.

Police spokesman Filippo Valdez told Central European News the dog was barking at the officers conducting the raid, but after he saw his owners obeying commands to lie down, he likewise got on the ground.

An animal psychiatrist interviewed confirmed that the photograph of the guard dog indicates the animal was in a position of submission by exposing his underbelly to the potential attackers (cops and soldiers). The canine also had his head turned away from the “attackers,” a further sign of non-aggression on the pup’s part.

Beyond the cuteness and humor of the story, the pooch was actually quite smart in lying down, as Brazilian cops routinely – and tragically – shoot guard dogs during drug busts.

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