Donald Trump Threatened by Sinaloa Drug Cartel Leader

Donald Trump, the infamous American industrialist and Republican presidential hopeful, could end up with his head on a stick before making it too far down the road to the White House. On Monday, Trump reportedly called in the forces of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to probe into a recent Twitter threat by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the cutthroat-in-chief of the Sinaloa Cartel, who tunneled his way out of a high-level security prison over the weekend just outside of Mexico City.

Since declaring his pursuit for the Republican nomination, Trump has not gone out of his way to make any friends along the campaign trail, most recently chastising Mexican immigrants for being a scourge of criminals and drug dealers that migrate to the Land of the Free to perpetuate the black market drug trade and rape American women. The billionaire also suggested that “corrupt Mexican officials” were responsible for facilitating El Chapo’s Hollywood jailbreak, and that it could be another 13 years, if at all, before the kingpin is back in custody.

These comments, apparently, struck a war nerve within the notorious dope slinging fugitive. On Sunday, a Twitter account under the name Joaquin Guzman Loera unleashed a furious message against Trump that suggests his life could be in jeopardy if he continues to spew his loud-mouth rhetoric against the Sinaloa’s.

“Keep screwing (with us) and I’m going to make you eat your fucking words you lousy white fa88ot,” wrote @ElChap0Guzman.

Although no one has yet been able to confirm the authenticity of the drug lord’s Twitter handle, Mexican officials told Reuters the conveyed message was probably written by an imposter.

However, a statement issued earlier this week by a Trump assistant suggests that not only is Donny taking the threat seriously, but he is also running scared and seeking peace of mind with the help of the federal investigators. And, the truth is, we can’t say that we blame him.

The Sinaloa’s are one of the most vicious cartels in the history of narcotic warfare, maintaining a heavy presence in the United States, especially with consideration to the illegal methamphetamine and heroin trade. In February, just six months before El Chapo made his escape, the Chicago Crime Commission and the Chicago chapter of the Drug Enforcement Administration deemed the Mexican cartel boss Public Enemy Number 1 – a well-deserved titled considering law enforcement is holding the Sinaloa’s responsible for a large percentage of the recorded 425 murders across the city in 2014.

A report published today by the Associated Press finds the DEA was fully aware that El Chapo was planning to break out of prison, warning Mexican officials of “potential operations to free Guzman” over a year ago. Therefore, it is absolutely conceivable, and probably mostly accurate, to consider the kingpin’s sophisticated tunnel escape was orchestrated with the help of the Mexican government. Nevertheless, this savage beast, which the White House considers a major threat to the public safety of American, is in the wind.

Interestingly, Trump supporters believe the El Chapo threat is the greatest endorsement a presidential candidate could ever receive. In a opinion piece written by Wayne Root, one-time Libertarian Party vice-residential nominee, he suggests that “El Chapo” has given Trump the greatest endorsement in the history of American politics.

“What this murdering, slimeball, thug drug pusher and murderer just did was tell American voters only one candidate for President is on the radar screen of Mexican drug lords,” he wrote. “Only one candidate bothers “El Chapo”… only one candidate threatens his business… only one candidate understands what Mexico is doing to America…only one candidate understands the border with Mexico is the number one national security threat…only one candidate will seal that border and therefore badly damage drug smuggling… only one candidate is standing up to Mexican drug lords.”

And well, only time will tell if Trump will survive long enough to have a chance at fighting the cartels from inside the Oval Office.

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