The 6 Most Advanced Countries For Marijuana Research

The most advanced countries for marijuana research are using science to defeat the stigma while getting people the medicine they need.
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3. Uruguay

6 Most Advanced Countries For Marijuana Research

As the first country to legalize and regulate the sale and use of marijuana, Uruguay is encouraging researchers to come to their country for cannabis research. Although there is still work to do when it comes to cannabis research in the country, it still makes it on our list of most advanced countries for marijuana research.

Uruguay’s leaders have declared their desire to turn their country into a hotbed for research in medicinal marijuana. They’ve been actively encouraging scientists and researchers to venture to their country.

Diego Canepa, the president of Uruguay’s National Drug Council, told a conference on medicinal marijuana in 2014 that the government wants to see the data on medicinal pot.

Although no results have come out of the country yet, the possibility of studying weed in a country free of regulatory boundaries is an exciting possibility for scientists abroad.

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