The 6 Most Advanced Countries For Marijuana Research

The most advanced countries for marijuana research are using science to defeat the stigma while getting people the medicine they need.
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1. Israel

6 Most Advanced Countries For Marijuana Research

Israel is considered the global leader in marijuana research, one that we could not miss in our list of most advanced countries for marijuana research. Home to the world’s largest medical marijuana production, research and development facility, Israel has become the hub of cannabis knowledge for over 50 years.

THC and the endocannabinoid system were first discovered in Israel by world-renowned Israeli marijuana pioneer, Raphael Mechoulam, in the 1960s. From there, Israel’s research initiatives kept growing, becoming the country with the world’s largest number of clinical trials testing the benefits of marijuana.

Israel was among the first to legalize weed. The Israeli parliament is even working towards legalizing the export of medicinal marijuana. The company Breath of Life has opened a million-square-foot grow-house and research center in Southern Israel. According to Viridian Capital advisors, it will be among the largest cannabis growth, research and development facilities in the world.

27 percent of the population aged 18-65 smoke weed, making it the world’s highest ratio of marijuana users.

As of recently, 110 clinical trials involving cannabis are underway in Israel, Michael For, senior medical advisor at the Ministry of Health’s medical cannabis unit, told U.S. News. Funding for these studies come from the Israeli government, as well as foreign governments, including the US, Canada, Australia and Germany.

The famous Mechoulam works with three different US companies researching in Israel. At least 15 other US companies have set up research operations in Israel, with more to be added in the future.

Final Hit: 6 Most Advanced Countries for Marijuana Research

Although there are only currently six countries on our list of the most advanced countries for marijuana research, as time goes on, we can only hope that the list grows.

As the demand for legal cannabis increases, research into medicinal and recreational marijuana has become important. It will help all of us, pro or anti-weed, understand the benefits and risks of the plant coming from a scientific standpoint.

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