Saudi Arabia Beheads Four Brothers Over Marijuana

While the United States continues to enforce ridiculous and outdated drug policies to perpetuate slave labor within the American prison system, the drug laws in foreign lands are proving to be even more sinister, with recent reports suggesting that Saudi Arabia is beheading people for smuggling marijuana.

Earlier last week, four Saudi brothers charged with trafficking marijuana into the kingdom, were found guilty and sentenced to die by the hands of a sword-wielding executioner. Although the government news agency did not provide much information regarding the actual execution, the initial report indicates the men were decapitated near the southwestern city of Najran for smuggling “a large quantity of hashish” into the Arab state.

Unfortunately, the negotiation tactics by the human rights organization Amnesty International were not successful in providing the men with a stay of execution. Family members reached out to the organization in hopes that they could persuade Saudi officials to spare the lives of the brothers, but the interior ministry quickly snuffed out these attempts.

“The Saudi Arabian authorities must halt all executions,” Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme, said in a statement, adding that the brothers were subjected to unfathomable methods of torture in order for authorities to retrieve a confession.

Yet, Saudi authorities deny torturing the weed smugglers before chopping their heads off in the desert.

A recent Amnesty report claims that Saudi officials have executed 17 people in the past two weeks, which is “a rate of more than one execution per day.” The pot smuggling brothers brings the hatchet toll up to 32 for the year. “The recent increase in executions in Saudi Arabia is a deeply disturbing deterioration,” said Boumedouha. “The authorities must act immediately to halt this cruel practice.”

In Saudi Arabia, smuggling marijuana is a terminal infringement of the teachings of Islam and is punished the same as rape, murder, apostasy and witchcraft.

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