The World’s First Ever CBD Store Will Open This Week

The first CBD store in the world is set to open in Las Vegas.
The World's First Ever CBD Store Will Open This Week

If you’re a CBD fan, your world is about to get a whole lot better. That’s because the world’s first ever CBD store is set to open this week. The store, which is called “Buy Legal Meds,” is set to open in Las Vegas, and from the sounds of things, it will offer pretty much every CBD product you can imagine.

The World’s First Ever CBD Store

Buy Legal Meds is the world’s first ever CBD store. As such, it will specialize in all things CBD. More specifically, it will sell everything from CBD tinctures to CBD topicals, edibles, smoothies and even CBD pet products. To make it even better, the store will also carry a full lineup of CBD flowers and concentrates.

The CEO of the new company, Joe Vargas, said he hopes to provide patients a full CBD experience, not just products they can take home and use in private.

“They can play video games here, they can smoke CBD flowers, CBD dabs,” he recently told Las Vegas media sources.

Vargas said that all CBD products sold in the store will be produced at the store’s in-house manufacturing plant. The store will open Wednesday, January 31. To celebrate its grand opening, Buy Legal Meds will give customers a free gram of CBD flower throughout the entire month of February.

A Powerful Form of Medicine

Vargas said he has personal experience with the medicinal benefits of CBD.

“I actually was in the navy for eight years,” he said. “I suffered from anxiety and I actually got out on a medical discharge because of anxiety. Helps out with MS, fibromyalgia, anxiety, ADD, a list of ailments.”

Cannabis contains a huge number of naturally-produced chemicals known as cannabinoids. These are the compounds that interact with your body when you consume the plant.

Generally speaking, THC is the cannabinoid that produces weed’s psychoactive effects. On the other hand, CBD is not psychoactive. In fact, it helps mellow out a lot of the effects produced by THC. Additionally, it provides much of the plant’s medicinal properties.

Because CBD is not psychoactive, it falls into a slightly different legal category than THC. Cannabis with high levels of THC remains illegal at the federal level. But industrial hemp plants that have minimal levels of THC and high levels of CBD can legally be grown and produced under the Farm Bill of 2014.

Vargas said that all products sold at Buy Legal Meds are produced from hemp plants.

Final Hit: The World’s First Ever CBD Store Will Open This Week

The folks behind the world’s first ever CBD store hope to expand to other states. Vargas said they have already had interest in places like Los Angeles and Denver, both of which are in states where medical and recreational weed has been legalized.

There are currently 29 states where medical marijuana is legal. It is unclear whether or not Vargas has plans to open stores in any of these states. Each state has its own set of medical marijuana laws. These rules dictate who can access medical marijuana, how much they can possess, what types of cannabis products they can use, and what types of businesses can sell it.

If things go well for this first Buy Legal Meds store, the company could eventually expand into states where CBD stores would legally be allowed to operate.

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