A88CBD: The Alkaline 88 Family Review

CBD is best served in a multipack.
A88CBD: The Alkaline 88 Family Review
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If you’re looking for an all-inclusive, awesome CBD bundle, look no further than The Alkaline 88 Family’s A88CBD box. While there are many CBD boxes you can choose from, admittedly all with similar products, this one stands out because of the quality and the quantity. Not only do you get a lot of awesome goodies, they are all high-quality and really well-done. Here’s a complete rundown of everything the box has to offer. 

150 mg Bath Salts 

These bath salts are exactly what the doctor ordered after a long day at work or doing an event. The smell is light and floral with hints of lavender, just like the essential oil spell that permeates the box. The CBD works well with hot bath water to create a soothing, relaxing sensation that helps heal tight muscles. 

750 mg (25 mg each) CBD Capsules 

Alkaline 88’s CBD capsules are great for sleep or pain management, and you can’t find an easier way to take CBD. Instead of needing to add tincture to something or figure out complicated dosage amounts, just take a simple pill and relax. The pills are definitely one of the best elements of the box. 

200 mg Hand & Foot Cream 

Everyone needs hand lotion for trips, the office, or on the go, and the box contains both a full-sized bottle of lotion (reviewed below) and a small bottle to take with you. There are some healing effects from the CBD, as well as a nice, hydrating effect from the lotion, and the scent is pleasant, floral, and mild. 

100 mg Hydrating Body Lotion 

Much like the hand and foot lotion, this lotion is mostly hydrating with a light scent, but it’s also good for minor aches and pains. Perfect for after a shower or at the end of the day. 

35 mg Lip Balm 

Another standout item in the box, the lip balm comes in mega-size and is lightly flavored with a pleasant mint. It’s a lot of lip balm for your money, softer and even more hydrating than the lotion. The flavor is also great, and it’s perfect for dry times of year when lip balm is needed the most. 

100 mg Essential Oil

Essential oils are great; they double as soft perfume and healing, flavorful and mild. While I can’t detect too much of a CBD effect from this one, essential oils are always calming, and the smell is delightful. 

300 mg Orange Cream Tincture Drops

Another major standout, this is an awesome flavor that pairs really well in Constant Comment tea, creamy coffee drinks, or over ice cream. While it’s a slight bummer that you have to pair it with something that works with that flavor, tinctures are a dime a dozen, so it’s refreshing to see the format get switched up a bit. 

200 mg Cinnamon Tincture Drops

Much like the orange cream tincture drops, these work well in tea or in drinks or desserts that pair with the flavor. You can also apply directly to the tongue, but be warned, there is a slight burn and tingle from direct application.

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