CLSICS’ Live Rosin Vape Cartridges Hit Smooth And Pack A Punch

For a smooth-hitting vape with great effects, consider giving CLSICS a try.
CLSICS' Live Rosin Vape Cartridges Hit Smooth And Pack A Punch
Courtesy of CLSICS

Smooth. CLSICS goes down smooth. When it comes to the San Diego-based company’s live rosin vape products, there’s no lingering afterburn—that familiar but unwelcome sting to the lungs or welling up of the eyes after a long drag. CLSICS’ live rosin oils supply an all-around pleasant time. 

CLSICS broke ground for first introducing solventless rosin-pre-rolls to the market, and now with their new live rosin vape cartridges, they join only a select few companies to effectively put live rosin in a vape. The company’s concentrates are extracts obtained from the cannabis plant. Rosin is the most natural concentrate to purchase; the solvents are removed from the process. 

For rosin, it’s cannabis, ice, water, heat, and pressure. No solvents and chemicals, as marketed because the company believes solventless is the future. In the broadest of terms, here’s how CLSICS creates their rosin: strain-specific cannabis is harvested, frozen upon harvest, and then washed in ice bath water. Focus is turned to the trichome heads, which are cut from the plant matter, collected, and freeze-dried. 

Once dried to humidity level, the cannabis is placed in small filter bags put in a paper envelope. Then, it’s time for the rosin press which provides a unique temperature and pressure level for the trichome heads to become oil. Once there’s oil, the liquid departs the filter bag and lands right on the parchment paper. For the last step, the rosin is gathered up and cured. With this tried and true (and most importantly, replicable) process, consistency is the endgame. 

On top of the good high, the company supports good causes, too. CLSICS joined forces with  the Last Prisoner Project, working to rectify the needless harm of cannabis criminalization. This non-profit falls in line with CLSICS’ support of intervention, education, and criminal justice reform to emancipate those pointlessly (and unequally) incarcerated for cannabis sales.

CLSICS' Live Rosin Vape Cartridges Hit Smooth And Pack A Punch
Courtesy of CLSICS

Easy Breezy 

CLSICS is a proud San Diego company. Even their artwork is from their home city. Images of colorful owls and octopuses that match the products inside. Similar to the poppy little creatures on its packaging, the oil—Sour Double Mango—is as delightful as it sounds.

It’s a low-key but long-lasting high, a mellow time that doesn’t require the smoker reaching for their pen every five minutes. Only a couple of hits produces an easygoing hour or two. “Easy going,” that’s Sour Double Mango in a nutshell. The mind doesn’t race on this particular oil, but it doesn’t shut down, either. It’s a calm high well-suited for a wide-range of leisurely activities, including relaxing, working, socializing, and jogging. 

Light and Heavy 

CLSICS’ Sunday Driver, Purple Punch, is a nighttime oil. While Sour Mango lets smokers be active in the sunlight, this one is for winding down after their day. This oil still has the tranquil effect of Sour Mango, but with a heaviness that paves the way for a nice and easy rest. 

For anyone with sleep troubles (such as myself), Sunday Driver, Purple Punch will send you to bed relaxed. Not to mention the imaginative dreams that this oil conjures during slumber. While THC suppresses REM sleep (meaning fewer dreams), this CLSICS’ oil keeps the ‘ole imagination machine ticking during the sleeping hours. Even in dreams, the rosin effect is positive! After sampling Sunday Driver, Purple Punch, dreams are more memorable than usual as they linger in your head the next morning. 

It’s a deep sleep as well. If anybody wants to overcome poor sleep patterns or compensate for lost sleep, we can’t recommend this oil enough. It does the trick for a subtle drain of energy, leaving the smoker relaxed but not depleted. 

CLSICS' Live Rosin Vape Cartridges Hit Smooth And Pack A Punch
Courtesy of CLSICS

Overall Impression 

CLSICS is a laid back fun time with consistent and quality products that last. Too many cartridges are shoddy to the point of oil pouring out when there’s plenty left in the tank. CLSICS’ oils make it until the end, delivering on the promise of quality across the board from the high to the taste to even the artwork. 

Sour Double Mango is the oil for the smoker on-the-go. It won’t slow someone down or speed them up too much. It’s effective for complementing exercise and activities, but also suitable for lounging around. It’s a strong option for socializing too—cooling any nerves to enable relaxation.

Sunday Driver, Purple Punch, on the other hand, is not for those that wish to hang. It is ideal for quieter, more isolated times; maybe a well-deserved couch day or those wishing for more satisfying sleep. For anyone seeking soothing slumber from their oils, Sunday Driver, Purple Punch is a fine option. 

CLSICS doesn’t list the THC level on their oils, but wherever it falls, it’s effective. For anyone in Southern California with a vape pen in their pocket and a need of consistent oils, CLSICS provides all ease and all comfort.

Follow CLSICS on Instagram for the latest updates and check out their website, as well, to learn where their oils are available.

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