Let CLSICS Rosin Infused Prerolls Introduce You To The Wonderful World of Hash

If you’re new to concentrates, try it first in a preroll with CLSICS Rosin Infused Prerolls.
Let CLSICS Rosin Infused Prerolls Introduce You To The World of Hash
Courtesy of CLSICS

CLSICS Rosin Infused Prerolls are a way to dip your toes into the world of solventless concentrates you’re sure to enjoy. 

Hash is hard, right? There is either a torch or expensive technology involved when you start dealing in the heat. Then even at the entry level, why would you want to buy a whole vape cart if you’re not even sure if it’s your jam? Nevermind the quality control concerns we’ve had with vape cart quality over the past couple years. This is supposed to be the mechanism we use for introduction to concentrated marijuana? Surely a much tougher sell than it was in the past. 

This creates a prime opportunity to help people skip over the now—and literally—tainted vape cart phase we’re going through with something that carries a bit more heat. And we’re not claiming hitting rosin in a preroll is the same as a fresh quartz grail or some Mothership banger that looks like an Alex Grey painting; that dope is pretty dope.

But CLSICS Rosin Infused Prerolls are loaded with rosin; they’re certainly a great way to introduce hash to someone debating the idea of taking their cannabis enthusiasm to the next level. I think we can all agree that a miniature preroll feels a pinch less intimidating than the roar of the torch filling a living room while you try to convince your grandmother it’s going to be fun. 

The Rosin 

So what gives these prerolls a little extra kick? The magic of rosin. I think rosin prerolls need to be given a lot of credit for the craftsmanship involved in the process. There are so many steps between the cultivators harvesting it and you sparking it up where it could all go wrong.

The most important thing you’re talking about with rosin is that you get out what you put in. And while the rosin in these prerolls may not be a Cannabis Cup contender, it’s certainly a lot more refreshing than other prerolls loaded with dirtstillate.

With distillate loaded prerolls, you’re likely talking about bottom-of-the-barrel material. To put it mildly, the heat never ends up as distillate. With a rosin preroll you know that that the material the product came from was at least good enough that it yielded a decent amount of bubble hash that was further processed with heat and pressure to get the strip of rosin in your joint.

In this case, that material was Secret Cookies. If we had to guess, it’s a Cookie strain crossed with something that yields a bit better on the hash side—some strains produce more hash than others. So a combination of genetics, quality of material, and washing efficiency determine the end product. People will cross exotic strains with things like GMO, because they know that GMO will give them a better shot at having a lot of hash that might carry over some of the unique terps that inspired the breeding project in the first place.

The Flower

Shoutouts to ThugPug’s genetics. Few strains have made waves in the past couple years like the Peanut Butter Breath he produced by crossing Do-Si-Do with Gage Green’s legendary Mendobreath. The results are wildly exceptional in a sea of gas and desert, and there is a special kind of funk that breaks through the terpinolene in the best Peanut Butter Breath phenotypes. 

Now a few years removed from the original drop, we’re starting to see the next generation of Peanut Butter evolution start to come into the fold. But regardless of where it heads from here, ThugPug’s contribution to taking the cannabis genome just a little bit further it noteworthy. 

One might argue, however, that the rosin makes it a bit more difficult to appreciate the complexity of the flower.  

Effect of CLSICS Rosin Infused Prerolls

As someone who smokes an unreasonable amount of blunts and hash on a daily basis, these certainly had some kick. 

For the occasional smoker, I’m sure it will be a great time. That hash will really hit home. But for those whose endocannabinoid system has seen a few more laps, I wouldn’t have minded something a little stronger. I didn’t feel like I came too close to my ceiling, but there was certainly a clear headed buzz. 

But don’t let my lukewarm reaction to the impact fool you; CLSICS Rosin Infused Prerolls are still way better than distillate joints.

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