Product Review: Maxcore PodPal

A personalized and portable vaping experience.
Product Review: Maxcore PodPalProduct Review: Maxcore PodPal
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If vaping oil is your method of choice, you won’t want to miss the chance to load up your own concentrates and vape with the PodPal from Maxcore, one of the most specific pens of its kind to bring a personalized oil experience.  

Let me be clear: this product is specifically for use with cannabis in oil form, not other concentrates like wax, shatter, badder, etc.—products that are often more associated with self-loading vape pens. For this review, I was just told I’d be trying concentrate pens, so that fact surprised me a bit, but this is a great little pen for those looking to vape oil they’ve bought or extracted. 

Now that I’ve dug a bit more into it, it’s clear that some people go absolutely nuts for this type of product, and are looking specifically for a pen like this. That’s probably because you’re most closely replicating the experience of using a traditional vape, but you can load up your own oil instead of relying only on what comes in pods. 

So, without further ado, here are my impressions of this great little vape pen that could. 


The user of the PodPal should be a little savvy. The instructions don’t explain much, and still refer to whatever liquid is being vaped as “e-liquid” to get around any legal issues. However, close inspection will reveal where you need to inject the concentrate in order to vape, and then the rest is pretty simple, as it operates like any other basic, one-hit vaping device. 

Once you get it loaded up, it hits smoothly and cleanly, and one charge-up with concentrate lasts quite a while. Make sure to refill the extra pod if you’re planning a longer trip, though, as the avid vaper will eventually exhaust the supply. 

It’s also super portable and pocket-friendly once you get it loaded up. The first few tries may make a bit of a mess, but once you’ve got it down, the refills last for quite a while, and you can walk around with your very own, fueled-up pen for all occasions (that is, when things like going out and walking around become commonplace again). 


The vape comes with a convenient carrying case, as well as a portable charger, battery, and the above-mentioned extra oil pod. It also charges by USB for super easy, universal charging, and accessorising. In fact, aside from it being an oil pen specifically and needing to be loaded carefully, everything about the PodPal is super straightforward. 

Pros of the PodPal

This is the perfect pen for if you have an affinity for oil, as well as the need to be on-the-go. It’s also for someone a bit more into the intricacies of oil, as you need to be someone who wants to load up your own oils to vape. Don’t get me wrong; the payoff is worth it, but it is technically easier to use disposable pods. However, if you’re up for saving the environment and not throwing away pods, as well as learning a new skill when it comes to pen loading, then this is the gadget for you. 

Quality of High 

Many are wary of investing too much time or money into vape pens, as they claim that they give the “half high” or “surface high” effect. However, if you’re looking for a slightly more heady effect more akin to taking a dab, you can still get that from hitting a vape pen, especially one like this. The trick is to load it up with high-quality concentrate and then to vape it on a higher, hotter setting. For a milder effect, load up some CBD-leaning, low-THC cannabis oil and vape on a lower setting.

This is also a great pen for those who need medical relief. Often, the only way to truly get relief for very specific issues is to dial down to a certain type of full-spectrum extract. Oil in cartridges is sometimes not pure or specific enough, and other concentrates may not be as clean. This is a great way to consume very specific oil types. 

Overall Impressions 

This pen may not be for everyone, as it’s offering a specific service and not necessarily for a beginner user. However, it’s definitely a good recommendation for someone looking specifically for an oil pen that can do what a lot of other products can’t: provide a specifically delivered high. 

It’s also great in a lot of other ways: easy to use if you can figure out the loading, light, portable, attractive, and discreet. It’s really a lot smaller than most, often slightly messy looking, self-loading oil pens normally are. 

So, if you’re an oil enthusiast looking for a new vape, or you’re looking to vape your own oil and need a safe way to do it, the PodPal is the device for you.

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