Product Review: The Weezy By Kind Pen

Looking for a new way to consume your concentrates? The Weezy by Kind Pen could be the tool for you.
Product Review: The Weezy By Kind Pen
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If you love concentrates and vaping, you aren’t going to want to live without The Kind Pen’s new Weezy vaporizer

I’m a huge concentrate enthusiast. My husband works as an extractor, so I always want to try out what his company makes and get the same experience, but as someone with horrible sinus issues and lung capacity, dabs can be downright painful. Finally, there’s a pen that makes it easy to try concentrates and allows you to taste the full flavor. 

And I do mean the full flavor, as well as the full experience. You’ll get the full high, and you’ll also definitely taste the complete flavor of the extract. So, read on and learn more about this pen and why it should be a part of your collection. 

What It’s Good For 

This pen is perfect for wax, badder, shatter, and full-spectrum concentrates. Simply load up the full ceramic wax atomizer and press the button to heat and vape. In addition to coming with a simple USB charger and in a really cool variety of nine colors to choose from, the Weezy also comes with a packing tool and wax jar so you can bring concentrates along with you. 

If you’re the type who is always buying new concentrate products, and then either not using them up or blowing through them all in your dab rig, this is the pen for you. It allows the delivery and feeling of  dab, but without the bummer torching or moving through your product at lightning speed. 

This pen is also perfect for taking on the go, whether you want to pocket it for hikes or take it out for a night on the town. It’s big enough to hold on to, but discreet, light, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Oh, and if you’re trying to consume less, in order to be easy on your lungs in the age of COVID, then this is perfect. You can still get the experience of taking a dab, but no burning sensation in your lungs. It’s a win-win! 

Pros and Cons 

The only real downsides of this pen is that it takes a minute to heat up, so your first few hits may not yield much, and like other pens of its kind, it needs to be repacked pretty often and can’t be packed too full. However, unlike other oil pens, as long as you keep a q-tip handy and clean it regularly, the pen is good for use after use. And it’s easy to clean, not requiring any special products, and you won’t have to take too much time out of your schedule to focus on maintenance. 

So, if you do plan on taking the pen out on a day- or night-trip, remember to pack up the handy glass jar with some extra concentrate. Like other concentrate pens, packing it up is the vaping equivalent of packing a bowl. Good to enjoy with a friend or two, but after a while, it runs out.

A major pro is the simplicity of using the pen. As well as being easy to pack, the pen has a simple click-button method for turning off and on changing the temperature, and it charges on a USB charger like other vape devices. 

Quality of High

One of the best things overall about this pen is the quality of the high. It really is a bit more like taking a dab than hitting a normal vape pen, but with the added benefits of less coughing and more conservation of product. 

Of course, you can control what type of concentrate you’re using, which is great for those who like to get specific about things like badder versus budder or full spectrum extract instead. While some of those varieties are available in pen cartridges, purists often prefer packing up their own. 

Overall Impressions 

There really isn’t a reason not to suggest this pen. If you like concentrates at all, this should be in your rotation. Unlike other products that take some learning or getting used to, really anyone can use the little scoop tool to load up this pen. It takes a bit of dedication, as you need to either carry concentrates with you or stay close to your supply, but it’s really easy to use. 

Also, the sleek, cool colors the pen comes in are going to make you want to keep it around and use it all the time. It’s entertaining and goes with your look, and it’s also super easy to stick in your pocket and take with you. 

Give this awesome, portable pen a try if you’re looking for a tried-and-true way to experience concentrates without taking dabs. You won’t regret it!

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  1. Got one of these brand new & for some reason product winds up leaking into external charging port leaving it sticky. How do you clean the internal parts in retrospect..? And above all; why does it do this..? Lots of “Wasted” product.

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