Review: The XVape Aria Vape

We tried out the Aria from XVape…and we loved it!
Review: The XVape Aria Vape
XVape via Instagram

I remember the first dry herb vape I ever owned. It was a plain, wooden Magic-Flight Launch Box that I purchased with cash from some hole-in-the-wall head shop on St. Marks Place.

It was a great starter vape, especially since I bought it in 2014 and was living in a state without legal cannabis. Now that I’m living in the weed-friendly state of California, my vape options have expanded considerably. I recently had the opportunity to try out XVape’s Aria model. At first glance, it’s a dry-herb vape that heats up your cannabis to the perfect temperature and vibrates to alert you that your herb is ready to be consumed.

But there’s a bit more to the Aria.

The model features an LCD screen that displays the exact temperature of the cannabis while it’s being heated up. It defaults to heating the cannabis to 356º F, but you can adjust the settings to your preference, and also switch to Celsius if you’re so inclined.

The XVape Aria also sets itself apart with its pre-programmed session timers. The default setting is five minutes (meaning you have five minutes to vape), and there’s even a countdown timer that ticks down the seconds until the Aria automatically turns off. But if you need more time to vape and contemplate life, you can change the session time to ten minutes.

But wait, there’s even more: you can also use the Aria to vape concentrates.

I’m fairly straightforward when it comes to my cannabis consumption preferences, so I’ve been sticking with the default settings. I can honestly say that I’ve loved using the Aria. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and has a nice shape and weight that feels good in my hand. Even better, while the functionality is fantastic on its own, the Aria’s sleek look is aesthetically pleasing and comes in four colors.

The Aria comes neatly packaged with a charger, cleaner, concentrate pad, two mouthpieces, alcohol prep wipes, a few cotton swabs, and a user guide.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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