RYOT GR8TR Dry Herb Grinders Get The Job Done With Style

The RYOT GR8TR Dry Herb Grinders are here to make your smoking experience even better.
RYOT GR8TR Dry Herb Grinders Get The Job Done With Style
Courtesy of RYOT

Having a good herb grinder on hand can enhance any smoker’s favorite pastime by making the experience more user-friendly and thus pleasurable. And while there are plenty of models on the market that will get the job done, breaking down your weed with ease coupled with a strong sense of design and style can be a tough nut to crack. It’s a task that smoking accessories manufacturer RYOT has taken seriously, and the company’s GR8TR dry herb grinders fit the bill with precision and grace. 

The Kannastör series of GR8TR dry herb grinders take utility and precision to a new level with a modular system that lets you tailor the device to fit your needs. Constructed of food-grade anodized aluminum, each grinder consists of several pieces that can be taken apart with ease and then reassembled into the configuration perfect for the setting or situation.

At the heart of the system are the finely engineered grinder plates with precision-cut metal micro teeth. The user chooses which interchangeable plate to use based on their preference, either a somewhat coarser grind suitable for most traditional uses or a finer grind that is perfect for vaporizers. A deep-dish grinding chamber allows you to prepare plenty of weed for your sesh in only one grind. Anti-residue and friction rings make using the grinder a breeze for all consumers, with only 50% of the strength and torque required for operation compared to other popular models.

As it is ground, the herb falls into a glass jar or solid body, which is capped at the bottom with a replaceable stainless steel mesh screen to allow kief to fall through and be collected in the bottom cap below. The top cap features storage for a small supply of herb, and if screwed directly to each other, the top and bottom caps form a handy puck to take your pre-ground stash on the go. Or, by removing and setting aside the glass jar and extra grinding plate, you can configure your grinder into a more compact version that fits easily into a pocket or purse. 

For the perfect union of form and function, check out the Kannastör series of GR8TR Dry Herb Grinders. Available with a solid or glass jar body with a choice of colors including matte black, matte silver, and rose gold. With a limited lifetime guarantee, you’ll never need another grinder because this one does it all with elegant precision.

Wood GR8TR With Jar Body

If the simple beauty of natural materials is more your style, the Wood GR8TR with Jar Body is the perfect addition to your collection of smoking accessories. Crafted from high-quality hardwoods, the grinder features a polished wood handle top that is easy to grip and turn. A magnetic closure pairs the lid to the generously sized grinding chamber, with both parts sporting precision carved teeth to grip and grind the herb coarsely, perfect for rolling joints or packing bowls.

The ground herb falls into the tempered glass jar body, giving quick and easy access to your prepared stash, while a high-grade silicon seal helps keep things fresh. Patent pending and with a craftsmanship guarantee, the Wood GR8TR with Glass Jar is available in beech or walnut and with your choice of a clear or black tempered glass jar.

Since 2000, RYOT has been designing and manufacturing modern lifestyle accessories for our times, made for smokers by smokers. When it’s time to up your smoking accessory game with a quality grinder, check out RYOT’s GR8TR dry herb grinders online. High Times readers can get 15% off their entire purchase with promo code HT420.

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