Take Your Bud On The Go With RYOT Dugout & One Hitters

Sometimes, you need to keep some cannabis with you when you’re on the go. RYOT has the perfect things to help.
Take Your Bud On The Go With RYOT Dugout & One Hitters
Courtesy of RYOT

RYOT prides itself for selling products for smokers made by smokers. RYOT dugout & one hitters are for the smokers on the go. They’re pocket-sized, reliable, and come in an array of both subtle and flashy styles. The wood RYOT dugouts & one hitters, in particular, are just right for maintaining a low-profile during the night. 

Long before cannabis became legally available across the United States, its founder and CEO, Mark Staiano, knew any cannabis consumer worth their salt needed practical storage for their stash. Staiano wanted to make cannabis more convenient to store, both in a smoker’s home and pocket. RYOT, which stands for Roll Your Own Tobacco, originally used the tobacco name as a guise. 

RYOT remains based in Miami, Florida, but the company keeps warehouses in the Pacific Northwest and Toronto. RYOT designs its own products, which are manufactured by vendors and then distributed all over the world, including in Chile, Israel, and Spain. After over 20 years of satisfying customers, RYOT maintains its focus on covering the essentials for smokers.

Take Your Bud On The Go With RYOT Dugout & One Hitters
Courtesy of RYOT

What’s So Special About RYOT Dugout & One Hitters?

When it comes to RYOT’s patented dugout & one hitters, the trusted brand offers an array of options. RYOT pocketable smoking systems are designed with patented features that take care of a smoker’s daily outings. They fit comfortably next to a smoker’s wallet and are ideal for outdoor adventures or nights in the city.

There is ample room in the dugouts for cannabis. Even the poker, which quickly and efficiently cleans the rock solid one hitters, can be used to grind up bud. The dugout keeps the cannabis safe and secure at all times. The magnets keep the tops firmly in place, ensuring the smoker’s medicine will never escape and get lost to the wind. 

The variety of RYOT dugout & one hitters are available to suit one’s personality or even dress style. There are colorful and showy dugouts, as well as more subtle wooden options. The dugouts are supplied with black smell-proof bags that prevent drawing attention to a smoker.

The wooden twist one hitters provide a smooth high. While too many one hitters provide too little room for a long-lasting high and require constant reloading, RYOT’s one hitters have plenty room to pack flower. The durable wooden one hitters are available in Maple, Rosewood, Walnut, and Bamboo and are designed to fit all of RYOT’s dugouts. The one hitters, which are also available in acrylic or glass, are designed to prevent heat transfer. There’s a large option, 3 inches (L) x .3125 inches (W), and a small option,  2 inches (L) x .3125 inches (W). 

After a day of smoking, the one hitters break down easily for cleaning. Pesky residue is never a problem or a hassle to clean with RYOT. After unscrewing the tip to access the internal metal airway, the pokers go to work. Toothpicks and other unreliable cleaning devices will go extinct in your stash, thanks to the pokers. The pokers rest in the dugouts with a magnet keeping them in place. Say goodbye to tar-stained fingers. With RYOT, smokers won’t find themselves mercilessly cleaning their hands to rid their fingers of residue. 

The wooden one hitter with glass tip is especially lovely. It’s a classy look that compliments RYOT’s dugout boxes. The premium walnut body and borosilicate glass bowl are strong. There is nothing flimsy about RYOT’s one hitters.  Similar to the company’s other one hitters, the wooden one hitter with glass tip comes in two sizes.

RYOT will satisfy any fan of dugouts or newcomers. The magnets, the poker, and the one hitters make for a full-package accessory. At an affordable price, the dugouts last and provide good times on the go. With RYOT’s products, smokers won’t have to worry about dugouts failing them when in need of a good high. 

So give it a try! High Times followers get 15% off their entire purchase using the code HT420 at checkout.

To stay up to date on RYOT’s latest products, follow @ryot_official  on Instagram @startaryot on Facebook.

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