10 Best Bowls Of 2017

The 10 best bowls of 2017 are all unique and effective.
How To Smoke Out Of a Bowl

8. Classic Helix – American Helix

10 Best Bowls Of 2017


The classic helix design spins smoke in the center so that it cools before reaching your lungs. Helix makes steamrollers, one-hitters and other glass using the same smoke-swirling technology.

Price: $112.50

Pros: One of the best bowls of 2017 when it comes to a smooth smoke. The design forces smoke to travel in a spiral, cooling things down more than it would with a classic spoon-shaped bowl. The glass is thick all around so it can handle dings and light falls. Manufactured with all American materials in the U.S.A.

Cons: One of the more expensive glass bowls on the list.

Why We Like It: Swirly smoke makes for smooth and cooled hits.

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