10 Best Bowls Of 2017

The 10 best bowls of 2017 are all unique and effective.
How To Smoke Out Of a Bowl

7. Six Shooter Pipe – Six Shooter Pipes

10 Best Bowls Of 2017

The all-metal six shooter pipe is great for anyone with a wide selection of herbs to choose from and a tendency to break glass. Even if you have only one strain, it doesn’t hurt to have your next five bowls pre-packed and ready to go.

Price: $59.99

Pros: Got a friend who doesn’t know how to corner a bowl? Problem solved. With the six-shooter, everyone can get their own bowl pack to scorch away. That or you can pack different strains so you can compare their tastes side-by-side.

Cons: Heavy and the all-metal design makes it heavy and harder to travel with. It’s definitely better in a backpack than a pocket.

Why We Like It: Indestructible with the ability to pack six separate bowls.

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