10 Best Bowls Of 2017

The 10 best bowls of 2017 are all unique and effective.
How To Smoke Out Of a Bowl

6. Green Aventurine – Raw Earth Gems

10 Best Bowls Of 2017

Crystal pipes are great for anyone looking to combine the healing properties of crystals and cannabis. Raw Earth Gems has a wide variety of crystals to choose from. The pipes on their site are frequently sold out.

Price: $45.00

Pros: Won’t break nearly as easily as glass. Great gift for friends who are into crystals. The screen prevents ash and debris from falling through and getting to your mouth. The faceted design makes it easy to lay a bowl full of weed down without having to worry about it rolling off of a table. Each pipe has a description of the healing properties of the stone that was used to craft it.

Cons: More expensive than a metal or glass pipe. If you’re not into the healing properties of crystals you’re better off with a pipe with more of a focus on function.

Why We Like It: They smoke great and look even better.

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