10 Best Bowls Of 2017

The 10 best bowls of 2017 are all unique and effective.
How To Smoke Out Of a Bowl

3. Santa Feo Pipe – Steven Mattern

10 Best Bowls Of 2017

Designed by Steven Mattern, the Santa Feo Pipe is one of the most interesting pipes we’ve come across. Taking the bowl out and don’t want to have to keep a grinder and jar full of weed for when you want to repack it? You can just pack the three separate bowls before you head out. Then, all you’ll need to carry other than your pipe is a lighter.

Price: $119.99

Pros: There are three different sized bowls attached to the Santa Feo Pipe. The pipe is discreet despite the large size. It looks like a novelty item, not a pipe. Turning the gear will reveal each individual bowl.

Cons: The wooden design is vulnerable to burn marks after repeated uses. It’s extremely expensive for a bowl. The bulky design makes it less portable than other bowls on the list.

Why We Like It: There are a bunch of different ways to use it because of the varying bowls.

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