10 Best Bowls Of 2017

The 10 best bowls of 2017 are all unique and effective.
How To Smoke Out Of a Bowl

2. Prometheus Titan – Pyptek

10 Best Bowls Of 2017

Pyptek has been making pipes with a metal exterior and glass interiors for quite some time. The metal design offers a durability that other glass pipes can’t while retaining the flavor profile of glass. They have a smaller titan as well as a steamroller and one-hitter designs.

Price: $140.00

Pros: Smoke only travels through glass tubes that are surrounded by thick aluminum. One of the best bowls of 2017 when it comes to looks and durability. Not to mention, the pieces come apart for easy cleaning.

Cons: It’s bulky and not the best bowl when it comes to portability. The pipe is also very expensive. Even the smaller, more affordable version of the Prometheus Titan is breaking the bank compared to your standard glass bowl.

Why We Like It: Flavor meets function and durability.

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