10 Best Carb Caps For Cannabis Concentrates

Taste those terpenes.
10 Best Carb Caps For Cannabis Concentrates

1. Terp Trunks V2.0 — Chad Bro

10 Best Carb Caps of 2017

The immaculate Chad Bro Glass Terp Trunks V2.0 carb cap flawlessly functions on a wide range of quartz bangers, making it one of the best carb caps we’ve come across in 2017.

The Price: $59.99

Pros: Fits on just about any banger on the market. Will fit on anything from a 20mm flat top to a 35mm beveled banger. The gold-printed arrow not only adds to the aesthetics, it tells you which way your air nozzle is facing. Knowing which way the nozzle is facing will make it easier to control puddles and not scratch the inner walls of the banger while twisting. Great weight, thick glass all around and one of the cleanest looking caps on the market. You can leave it sitting sideways or upside down. Either way, you won’t get your table sticky.

If you’re really a fan of the bubble cap design, Chad Bro has a Hybrid Terp Trunk for $20 more that is double-sided with a bubble where the handle would be, so you can always have both options.

Cons: The only con is that you have to hold onto it the whole time you’re doing a low-temperature dab on a slant-top banger.

What We Like: One of the best carb caps because of its price, versatility, aesthetics and durability.

Final Hit: Best Carb Caps

Anyone that understands the importance of nail temperature and flavor will appreciate a proper carb cap. However, the best carb caps will vary based on the individual and their quartz banger of choice. If you have a flat top quartz banger, you’ll have more carb cap options to choose from. Even with a slanted top there are plenty of caps on our list that would work just fine. The dab rig you’re using also plays into which cap would work best.

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