10 Best Carb Caps For Cannabis Concentrates

Taste those terpenes.
10 Best Carb Caps For Cannabis Concentrates

9. Hollow Rotor — Whitney Harmon Glass

10 Best Carb Caps of 2017

Whitney Harmon is a glass artist bringing innovation to both the carb cap and quartz nail markets. The Hollow Rotor Cap is intended for use with the Whitney Harmon Thermochromic Bucket, which changes colors to signal the perfect temperature to dab. However, it works great on any banger with a 25-30mm size bucket.

Price: $50.00

Pros: Creates the perfect seal, filling most of the bucket and trapping heat to allow more vaporization to occur. To top it all off, it’s easy to spin puddles in either direction.

Cons: Won’t work on a banger with a slanted top or anything smaller than a 25mm bucket. Bulky and hollow with no way to stand on its own, so don’t leave it by an edge.

Why We Like It: Traps heat into a smaller space than most other caps on the market.

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