10 Best Carb Caps For Cannabis Concentrates

Taste those terpenes.
10 Best Carb Caps For Cannabis Concentrates

5. Terpiscope — Zc Glass

10 Best Carb Caps of 2017

Zc Glass is a young glass company with a focus on making dabbing easier. They have a series of quartz caddies made to hold q-tips, liquid cleaner and your favorite carb caps. The company also makes the Terpiscope: one of the most innovative caps on the market.

Price: $60.00

Pros: The Terpiscope stands out from the rest of the caps on our list because you can adjust it to fit on any banger. It is the only faceted flat cap on the market. There is a nozzle can be lifted and spun. It’s held in place by an o-ring so you can make it go deep into your banger or it can hang at the very top so it will fit on any size banger.

On top of versatility, there’s a unique function to it. You can move your oils while letting a bit of extra airflow in at the same time. Picking up and spinning the nozzle is much easier than spinning a whole cap and taking it off to clear the vapor.

Cons: For a slanted top, you’ll have to spin the whole cap like you would with any other. The “noodle” in the middle may break if you drop it.

Why We Like It: Spinning terps with this cap requires the least amount of effort, especially on flat tops.

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