10 Best Edibles Of 2017

You can find drinks, sweets and savory snacks on our list of the best edibles of 2017.
10 Best Edibles Of 2017

1. Punch Chocolate Bar

10 Best Edibles Of 2017

Punch Edibles started making infused chocolate in 2013. They still have one of the best edibles of 2017 when it comes to consistency and potency. They’re constantly coming out with new flavors for every season and then some.

Pros: Every bar is small, delicious and potent. As a result, you won’t have to eat a whole bag of gummies to get your desired effects. They also have sugar-free edibles. You’ll have tons of options when it comes to flavor. One out of nine squares from their 225 mg bar contains 25 mg of THC, making it easy to keep track of dosing. Every batch is lab tested and made with their quality extracts. Punch is one of the few companies in California that didn’t come up dirty for pesticides earlier this year.

Cons: They’re not to be underestimated. One out of nine squares from their 225 mg bar is enough to give someone who doesn’t smoke or do edibles regrets. Even if you have a high tolerance, a whole punch bar can leave you higher than ever before for eight to 12 hours straight.

Why We Like It: Potent, consistent and tasty without having to consume a ton of calories.

Final Hit: Best Edibles of 2017

The best edibles of 2017 are consistent, easy to dose, discreet and they obviously have to taste good. If you’re a beginner, you should pace yourself and pay attention to dosage to avoid a bad time. Fortunately, the worst case scenario is anxiety. Just breathe and remember that nobody has ever died from weed. Stay hydrated and catch some Z’s until you’re feeling better. The THC in edibles can stay in your urine for one week to one month.

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  1. Not new to making edibles, read your 2017 article. Looking for insight from someone who sees industry up close. Want to get into the industry. Suggestions for finding the best packaging company, or labeling company. I am operating under the radar in Delaware, but looking for pieces to complete the pie, so to speak. Any insight greatly appreciated.

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