10 Best Edibles Of 2017

You can find drinks, sweets and savory snacks on our list of the best edibles of 2017.
10 Best Edibles Of 2017

4. Wana Sour Gummies

10 Best Edibles Of 2017

The Wana brand was born in Colorado, moving from the typical brownie to a more discreet way to dose with precision with help from a Ph.D. food professor. The name “Wana” came from the second half of the word marijuana.

Pros: Full transparency on the packaging. They tell you the potency and the source of their THC, like trim or full nug, and where it comes from. Consistent and easy to keep track of how much you’re intaking. The rectangular shape of their gummies is in accordance with new Colorado laws banning gummies from taking on the shapes of fruits, people, animals or anything similar to snacks made for children.

Cons: Due to local regulations, the most THC you can get per bag is 100 mg. There are ways to eat more THC while consuming fewer calories.

Why We Like It: It’s one of the best edibles of 2017 because it’s discreet, consistent and effective.


  • Ab Hanna

    Ab is an East Coast editor for High Times. He enjoys learning about cannabis and cannabis products through experience and from experts in the industry.

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  1. Not new to making edibles, read your 2017 article. Looking for insight from someone who sees industry up close. Want to get into the industry. Suggestions for finding the best packaging company, or labeling company. I am operating under the radar in Delaware, but looking for pieces to complete the pie, so to speak. Any insight greatly appreciated.

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