10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

The finalists for the best quartz bangers let you finish your dab and taste it too.
10 Best Nails Of 2017

8. Thermal — Pukinbeagle

10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

Pukinbeagle was the one to bring double-layered quartz and directional air flow into popularity. Before then, there was hardly a need for a bubble cap. Since then, several copycats have risen and many modern nails were inspired by the original Thermal Pukinbeagle design.

Price: $185.00

Pros: Low-temperature dabs through the Pukinbeagle are some of the most flavorful. The flat-top design makes it easy to find a carb cap that will spread oils for a more even vaporization. One of the best quartz bangers of its time.

Cons: Maintenance can end up being more of a hassle than with most other buckets on our list. The Pukinbeagle design allows oils to get in between the double layered glass. Availability is limited as well, making them hard to find.

Why We Like It: Innovative design for long, flavorful, low-temperature dabs makes this a no-brainer when it comes to the best quartz bangers on the market.

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