10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

The finalists for the best quartz bangers let you finish your dab and taste it too.
10 Best Nails Of 2017

4. Slitless Grail — Toro Glass

10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

If you’re searching for the best quartz banger for dabs, check out Toro. Toro has been consistently making some of the most quality-controlled glass and quartz on the market today. The 25mm Grail is the perfect size for daily dabbing. The company is based in New York and they have several other quartz nails including the 30mm Grail, Core Reactor and Terp Slurper.

Price: $200.00

Pros: The first popular nail was the Quave QCB. The next wave was started by the Thermal P. Toro dropped the second layer of glass from the Thermal and straightened out some edges to make one of the best quartz bangers of 2017. You can drop average to large size dabs on the Grail because of the deep bucket and high neck.

Cons: Doesn’t retain heat for as long as some of the other 25mm nails on the list.

Why We Like It: Consistently one of the best looking and functioning nails in production.

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