10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

The finalists for the best quartz bangers let you finish your dab and taste it too.
10 Best Nails Of 2017

3. Flat Top Billow Banger — Evan Shore

10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

Evan Shore is a Philadelphia-based glass artist making some of the best quartz nails on the market today. His original quartz banger design was the first to feature a billowed-out bottom design. Their original design was a slanted top but they now offer both options.

Price: $175.00

Pros: The billow on the bottom makes it easy to drop fat dabs without having them fly up the neck. The new flat top design makes it possible to use a wider range of caps. Rapidly spinning a bubble cap still won’t get oil down the neck unless you drop a ridiculous amount of weight in.

Cons: The billow bottom makes it a little harder to Q-tip the edges all the way clean.

Why We Like It: Easy to do large flavorful dabs without losing any oil to the neck of your banger.

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