10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

The finalists for the best quartz bangers let you finish your dab and taste it too.
10 Best Nails Of 2017

2. Fat Bottom Banger With Insert — Eternal Quartz

10 Best Quartz Bangers Of 2017

The V3 Eternal Quartz Flat Top comes with a quartz insert and tool for removing the insert for the price of most competitor’s nail alone. Inserts are known for keeping your expensive quartz nails from “chazzing” or clogging up. However, they can also enhance and completely switch up your dab sessions depending on how you use it. The V3 has a thicker bottom than the V2 for longer heat retention.

Price: $189.00

Pros: You can pre-load the insert before even heating your banger so you don’t have to try to load the right amount of “sauce” onto your tool at the last second. With a pre-loaded insert set aside, you can drop it five to fifteen seconds after getting your banger hot all around. That means there is less of a wait time. Most of the bangers on our list will have you waiting well over a minute after heating your banger to drop a low-temperature dab. The pre-loaded insert allows you to experience your concentrates at a new range of temperatures.

Cons: There is a learning curve but once you figure out the technique of using an insert you won’t want to go back. Even if you don’t want to use the low to high-temperature technique, you can just leave the insert in while you heat your nail and use it like normal. Expect an extra-long cooldown time, though. With the insert left in, it should take about two minutes for the nail to cool enough for a low-temperature dab.

Why We Like It: Innovative and efficient way to dab without messing up your expensive quartz nails.

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