10 Best Storage Containers Of 2017

Control the volume of your loud with one of the best storage containers of 2017.
10 Best Storage Containers Of 2017

1. CVault

CVault Medium Humidity Controlled Storage Container

The CVault can take dried out material and bring it back to life. Just leave a Boveda pack in with your dried out buds and watch them become revitalized. The metal clasps provide one of the tightest seals we’ve seen on any storage container.

Price: $19.64

Pros: The air-tight seal and holding capacity for a humidifier pack make it easy to keep buds fresh as day 1. They come in a wide variety of sizes so you can store your latest pick up or your latest harvest. Neither smell nor moisture will leak out of the CVault. Three locks and metal body keep things safe from outside elements like air and light.

Cons: You’ll need to purchase Boveda humidifier packs if you want to keep your buds extra fresh in the CVault.

Why We Like It: It has the ability to keep buds moist without breaking the bank.

Final Hit: Best Storage Containers of 2017

The best storage containers of 2017 won’t blow up your spot or let your weed dry out. There should be something for everyone on this years list of the top storage containers. There are containers that double as grinders and others that can be used as humidifiers. The best one for you depends on how much weed you have, the amount of time you need to store it and how discreet you want to be.

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