Celebrate Earth Day with Cannabis Companies That Embrace Recycling

Happy Earth Day from High Times!

While 4/20 has passed, today is Earth Day and we would be remiss if we didn’t put the spotlight on some of the many cannabis companies that are going out of their way to ensure that their cannabis product packaging is recyclable. Instead of letting empty packages sit in a landfill for years, there is an ever-growing focus on using material that is compostable, made of recycled or renewable resources, and ultimately making choices that help reduce their company’s carbon footprint. While this certainly is not a complete list of brands that are striving for change, these are just a few examples of companies delivering on their promises to support the Earth one step at a time.

Courtesy of Beboe


This company uses tin packaging for its Beboe Pastilles, which use no plastic and are 100% recyclable. The tins themselves are actually made from post-consumer recycled materials. Furthermore, the brand’s vape pens are also made out of “corn-based plastics with aqueous and natural adhesives”—even the vape pen box is made from 85% PCW Recycle Board, and designed to use soy-based inks and dyes. Beboe’s motto states “We love you and we want the best things for you,” and with that in mind, they also want what’s best for the Earth and the industry, too. 

Courtesy of fumé


This brand entered the industry relatively recently, in August 2021, but right out of the gate it put its best foot forward. Aside from its efforts to grow sustainably, the packaging of its products is also 100% recyclable. “We took two years to develop the brand, keeping the customer in mind with every decision made from the sustainability of the packaging to the quality and uniqueness of the featured strains,” said fumé co-founder and CEO Eric Skylar

Courtesy of Kikoko


Alongside Kikoko’s popular cannabis-infused tea, mints, and honey, the company is upfront about its efforts to keep cannabis packaging from ending up in a landfill. “Frankly, we’re sick and tired of the pursuit of profits being the cause of dreadful decision-making when it comes to the health of the planet and of the human body,” the company writes on its website. “Plastics, toxins, pesticides, chemicals—they’ve just got to go. So we’ve decided to do our part, and here’s how.” The company’s tin packaging is 100% recyclable and their Honeyshot packaging and shrink wrap is 100% compostable.

Courtesy of TILT

TILT Holdings Inc.

For Earth Day 2022, TILT Holdings Inc. is launching PLAnt (the “PLA” stands for polylactic acid), which is a 100% biodegradeable vape mouthpiece. It’s made with a polymer derived from corn starch and sugarcane, carbohydrate sources that are also commonly utilized in the creation of medical-grade devices. According to a press release, the mouthpiece can decompose in soil in just a few months, whereas plastic can take years to be broken down. Made by Jupiter Research LLC, the creation of PLAnt helps consume less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Although this mouthpiece is currently only available for wholesale purchase, it is a promising venture.

Courtesy of Trulieve


Trulieve has shown immense growth in the past few years, but it also continues to implement recycling programs to prevent packaging from being wasted. In November 2021, the company release a press release sharing the news about its “Inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance Report” which details its plan for long-term sustainability efforts. On March 18, 2022, the company also shared that it was expanding its TruRecycle program to dispensaries in Florida. “Recycling is important to us and our patients, just another example of values that we share, and has been so successful that we are actively monitoring opportunities to roll the program out in other states throughout our nationwide operations,” the company stated. Since the program launched in October 2021, it has recycled over 3,500 pounds of packaging waste.

Courtesy of Wyld


Wyld has big goals to be a frontrunner in embracing sustainability. In its operations, it was proud to announce that it is officially carbon neutral. “By no means are we close to our goal of becoming eco-champions. But we are taking steps in the right direction and will be encouraging and challenging other businesses to follow our lead by offsetting their emissions, purchasing renewable energy and identifying areas within their production and packaging they can improve,” it says on the Wyld website. The brand has also embraced compostable and biodegradeable products, and even the adhesives, zippers, and inks are all made from renewable resources. This packaging has already launched in Canada, and will soon make its way out to the U.S.

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