EZ Does It

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EZ Does It


Toking on the go can be a complicated process. Not so with the incredibly affordable and portable EZ Pipe from The Kind Pen. It’s a discreet and windproof pipe that’s virtually smokeless and comes equipped with a pop-up mouthpiece and a poker. With a built-in compartment that fits most brands of lighters, the EZ Pipe provides everything you need to fire up a bowl one-handed anywhere—and all in one simple and compact unit.

Simply pack the magnetically-secured stainless-steel bowl with ground-up material, spin the lid to cover the top and light her up to inhale tasty hit after hit, no matter where you may roam.

EZ Pipe also has the added benefit of conserving your herbs. The small intake hole only allows a certain amount of flame into the bowl, so you can avoid scorching the contents, avoiding harshness and preserving the flavor of your terpenes and other essential oils. It tastes so much better than any bat or one-hitter and is super easy to clean.  


The EZ Pipe also costs less than $10, making it perfect for festivals, camping, hiking or a stony trip to the beach. They’re available in a wide variety of different colors, and because they’re so cheap, the EZ Pipe is practically disposable if necessary. Pick up a half dozen or more to use as gifts or for almost any occasion that demands discretion.

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