The High Times Gift Guide For The Sophisticated Smoker (2020)

The High Times Gift Guide For The Sophisticated Smoker
Courtesy of Arizer

It’s been an eventful year to say the least. Time to treat yourself with some high-end products that’ll elevate you even higher. You’re an elegant stoner—shouldn’t your accessories and products reflect that? Here’s our gift guide for the sophisticated smoker:

  1. Hmm, your reviewer forgot yo include the basic FUNCTION of this piece. Is it a vape pipe for concentrates or flower, or both?

  2. The Arizer Extreme Q
    I took the chance and bought this.
    Be very very careful with this, you will paralyze yourself!
    Deceptive it doesn’t produce a lot of visible smoke while you pull on the hose from the bowl.
    Take 2 or 3 good long pulls, I’m talking milkshake pulls like you trying to find the bottom.
    The back of my head completely lifted off for at least 30 min to an hour.
    No harsh burn because there is no flame, wild how all the bud is deep dark brown when you remove it, perfect little crispy nuggets, no ash.
    I cannot explain why you need this, but you do.

  3. we do have top
    Green Ocean Labs CBD
    It is definitely not hard to use these normal drops all you just need to apply a couple of drops of oil at your impacted zone and rub it for quite a while to ingest it. you can similarly drop the couple of drops of this oil on your tongue to lessen your inside torture.

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