High Times Holiday Gift Guide For 2017

Help your loved ones get higher this holiday season with one of the hand-picked items from our holiday gift guide.
High Times Holiday Gift Guide

CVault Humidity Control Airtight Stash Container

CVault Medium Humidity Controlled Storage Container

A necessary part of every cannabis smoker’s kit is a storage container. So we couldn’t have a holiday gift guide for cannabis consumers without at least one solid recommendation. When it comes to the best storage containers for cannabis, you want something that will protect weed from outside forces that can deteriorate the quality, like light and air. Furthermore, you want something that will contain the smell so your friend or loved one isn’t blowing up their own spot for no reason.

We recommend the CVault for keeping your buds fresh as day one. It has a slot for holding Boveda humidifier packs, which can bring moisture back to totally dried out buds or prevent them from ever getting to that point.

Price: $24.95

Pros: The several clamps on each CVault keeps the smell of weed from leaking out of it. It also keeps buds safe from light and air better than most storage containers designed for weed. You can store humidifier packs in the CVault to keep buds fresh during long-term storage.

Cons: Customers have complained that some of the latches aren’t welded on tightly enough. If they’re loose, the smell can leak out.

Why We Like It: Helps to contain the smell of weed while preserving the quality over long periods of time. Of course we had to include it in our holiday gift guide!

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