High Times Holiday Gift Guide For 2017

Help your loved ones get higher this holiday season with one of the hand-picked items from our holiday gift guide.
High Times Holiday Gift Guide

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Hydratube Starter Kit

10 Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2017

Know somebody who hates going outside to smoke? Desktop vaporizers won’t smell anywhere near as much as lighting a doobie up indoors. If you take the proper precautions, you should be able to get high AF with a desktop vaporizer indoors without alerting any “nosy” neighbors. Best of all? A desktop vaporizer will get you higher with less weed than a portable one.

We recommend the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. It is a new take on the desktop vaporizer built with water-filtration in mind. With the hydratube attachments, the Cloud Evo is one of the best desktop vaporizers out there. The Hydratube Starter Kit is one of the best deals on our holiday gift guide because you can use their holiday codes for a discount or free gifts, including bonus water attachments.

Price: $449.99

Pros: Gives off some of the largest clouds of visible vapor you’ll see from any desktop vaporizer. You won’t have to inhale hard for 30 seconds just to get a satisfactory cloud of vapor. The water attachment makes it rip like a bong without the harshness to the back of your throat. It’ll feel like your breathing just air, but you’ll see how much you actually got when you exhale.

Cons: The temperature is controlled by an analog knob. Costs $100 more when you get the hydratube set, but we wouldn’t want to go without it. You can choose the 20 percent off deal, instead of the free gift, if you’re happy with the water attachment that comes with the Hydratube Starter Kit.

Why We Like It: Large, smooth clouds of vapor and unmatched function when compared to any other desktop vaporizer on the market.

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