High Times Holiday Gift Guide For 2017

Help your loved ones get higher this holiday season with one of the hand-picked items from our holiday gift guide.
High Times Holiday Gift Guide

Prometheus Nano

10 Best One-Hitters Of 2017

Does the person you’re gifting have a reliable pipe for smoking on the go? If they love smoking on the go but constantly break glass pipes, we recommend looking into Pyptek’s Prometheus Nano.

Pyptek makes stylish and durable high-end glass pipes designed for traveling. Despite being glass pipes, all Pyptek Prometheus Pipes are surrounded by a body of metal for added durability. The Nano is their one-hitter design, which will fit snug in your pocket without breaking. They let you choose the color of your Nano’s metal exoskeleton when purchasing online. You should also be able to find these at your local smoke shop, but you better hurry on over before they’re sold out for the holidays.

Price: $50.00

Pros: The glass straw combined with a metal armor makes the Prometheus Nano durable and enjoyable. You can separate the pieces for easy cleaning; just be careful with the glass components.

Cons: A little bulkier than the average one-hitter because of the metal body.

Why We Like It: Portable, durable and it won’t harsh the flavor of your top-shelf buds. It’s an essential on our holiday gift guide.

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