The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Flower

The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Flower
Courtesy of Baked Bee

Baked Bee

Premium hemp flower direct from a family farm with meticulously growing, processing, and curing practices. Baked Bee has the highest value flower on the market! For just $199/lb, we invite you to enjoy a premium Indica blend that is certain to compliment your favorite baked goods.  Your purchase also helps support honey bees!

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  1. Fantastic product! I can’t believe I came across their ad in High Times. I was at the Chicago Cannabis Expo in September 2019 and came across their booth which looked like the busiest there. The owners were answering questions and handing out free samples. I grabbed one out of curiosity to test out their claims of preserving my flower. That night I stuck the pad inside my mason jar lid of my flower. Over time it did look like it was preserving the flower by it maintaining its color and smell. I thought my flower was also more pliable when I broke apart the flower to smoke. Highly recommended!

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