The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Flower

The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Flower
Courtesy of Lovepot


Flower delivery, but with the type of flowers we like too. Lovepot delivers bouquets of flowers that include stalks of cannabis varietals to add that extra special touch for that special someone in your life.

Pretty and potent, these dried smokable hemp flower bouquets contain relaxing, natural CBD and less than 0.03% THC.

The smokable CBD hemp—the kind helps you relax, but doesn’t get you high— can be used to enjoy later as a tea, herbal smoke blend, or for an aromatherapy herbal bath. 

Handcrafted in Las Vegas by their all-women design team. Custom colors, flowers, and bouquet sizes available: please reach out via email or text and add as much detail as possible. They’ll get in touch to finalize your order. 

Please note : Because they rely on fresh, high-end florals and materials, occasionally flowers and/or containers will vary due to seasonality and market shifts. No worries, though: your local florist will make sure to match the style, theme, color scheme, and value of your arrangement.

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  1. Fantastic product! I can’t believe I came across their ad in High Times. I was at the Chicago Cannabis Expo in September 2019 and came across their booth which looked like the busiest there. The owners were answering questions and handing out free samples. I grabbed one out of curiosity to test out their claims of preserving my flower. That night I stuck the pad inside my mason jar lid of my flower. Over time it did look like it was preserving the flower by it maintaining its color and smell. I thought my flower was also more pliable when I broke apart the flower to smoke. Highly recommended!

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