The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Students

The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Students
Courtesy of Powerhitter


While this may not be a new one for the older fans, the newer consumers may be unfamiliar with the blast-from-the-past classic, the Powerhitter. While it definitely looks like a squirt bottle to the layman, the magic of the Powerhitter is tucked inside that thick plastic shell. When you unscrew the top you’ll find a metal joint holder attached to the mouthpiece, and when you tightly pack a joint in, screw the top back on, and squeeze—it’s major puffing time. The air inside the plastic tube forces smoke down the joint through the mouthpiece and into your face, similar to a gravity bong, and allows for massive and clean hits amongst a group of friends without anyone needing to actually share germs. This cheap and fun device makes a great gift for joint smokers who like to mix things up, and for those who don’t bode well with glass!

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