The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Vapor

The High Times Holiday Gift Guide: Vapor
Courtesy of Arizer


Cultivate the connoisseur in you with the Extreme Q by Arizer—the Original Hybrid desktop vaporizer.

  • Carefully sourced, high quality components provide a worry-free experience
  • Smooth & tasty vapor the way you like it—Fill Balloons or use the Whip and Fan for direct assisted draw
  • Easy to use Custom Session Settings and convenient Remote Control – no need for apps
  • True Convection Heating & Precision Temperature Control technologies activate natural terpene profiles and maximize the potential of your favorite dry herb
  • Backed by Manufacturer’s Warranty & Industry Leading Customer Service

Through extensive research and exceptional design, Arizer has continually raised the bar and set new standards in quality and performance. Experience why Arizer is Better by Design.

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