Hot Pot Products: 4 Must-Have Items for Cultivators and Connoisseurs

Photo by Vortex Farmacy

Here’s a look at what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs.

1 – Rolling Stoned

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Most rolling machines inefficiently produce one single, lousy joint at a time. But not the Futurola Knockbox, a unique unit that can load up to 100 tight cones in just two minutes. So if you need a bunch of jays in a hurry, look no further than the kings of rolling tech and let Futurola guide you to the promised land of pre-rolls in style.

2 – Vapor Trail


More and more of cannabis’s essential oils are being refined into a liquid form that can be difficult to consume properly. But the new RMS Vaporizers have you covered: They’re a set of four rechargeable, refillable pens, each with a .30 ml clear atomizer, that come in a stylish aluminum case with a long-lasting battery that actually charges all four pens at once. You’ll vape discreetly and elegantly with these compact and convenient pens.

3 – Pests Aside
Prices vary


Infestations can stop a productive garden dead in its tracks, which is why ganja farmers are always on the lookout for products to repel insects and fungi. We love the new Green Cleaner, an all-natural formula that not only suffocates and kills spider mites, broad mites and russet mites but also guards against powdery mildew, limiting spore reproduction and dehydrating the mold. Spray it on, and bugs and mildew are gone.

4 – Booster Rocket
$9.99, 4 oz; $14.99, 22 oz


Athletes inhale pure oxygen to improve their aerobic performance, while others use it to deal with high altitudes or poor air quality. But marijuana consumers can also benefit by using it to enhance their mental alertness and supplement their high. A few puffs from a lightweight can of Boost Oxygen (95% pure) after a heated session can improve your sense of well-being and enhance your buzz.

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