Hot Pot Products: Must-Have Items for Cultivators and Connoisseurs

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Here’s a look at what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs.

1 – Hot Knives
gear, high knifeSeeking a Swiss Army–style knife specially designed for stylish stoners? Look no further than the High Knife, an ingenious and discreet tool that contains everything you need for a smoking good time. It includes a large and small knife, can opener, pipe and poker, toothpick, bottle opener, corkscrew, tweezer and roach clip. Snag one for yourself and you’ll see why they call it “the knife of the party.”

2 – Microbial Activity
$49.50, 100 grams
gear, grow, organicMarijuana growers are always looking for ways to reduce their use of amendments. Now, from the world of golf(!), where groundkeepers are seeking
more sustainability, comes the SC27 Plus Organic from Sepixa, an OMRI-listed concentrated soil inoculant that contains 50 strains of microbes and beneficial bacteria. Using this wettable powder on your soil will save water and increase root biomass and plant health substantially.

3 – Shelf Storage
gear, stash, storageAir, light and heat can all
take away from the potency, flavor and enjoyment of your bud. The new StorMeBud “book” sits discreetly on
a bookshelf, hiding in plain sight while keeping your stash airtight in a cool, dark place. The hardwood case has brass hinges and a magnetic catch and stores six separate sealable glass jars, each capable of holding 7 to 14 grams of flowers.

4 – Wetting Agent
Prices vary
gear, growHave you ever watered your plants and seen the liquid sit on top of your soil mix without becoming properly absorbed? Try Wet Betty from Advanced Nutrients, an organic, non-ionic surfactant that will lower the surface tension of your solution for better absorption. Whether you’re foliar-feeding or drenching your soil, “wetter” water results in stronger, more efficient nutrient uptake and bigger yields.

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