5 Reasons To Own A Handmade Vaporizer

Can you feel the care that went into making your vape?
5 Reasons To Own A Handmade Vaporizer

The demand for handmade products has grown for a reason. They’re unique, well-made, even artful. They’re also sustainable and good for the job market. The same goes for handcrafted vaporizers. Although they’re hard to find, they’re out there. And they’re worth the search.

Take the Magic Flight Launch Box, one of the only handmade vapes on the market. Crafted by skilled, local artisans, this curious little vaporizer has a craftsman-like quality not found in mass-produced units. Its design—simple and sophisticated—boils vaping down to the essentials with no excessive features. And its vapor production is surprisingly smooth and potent. You can feel, especially when taking a hit, the care that went into its making.

Manufactured at Magic Flight’s San Diego headquarters, which looks more like a sawdusty wood shop than a dreary factory, the Launch Box is one of the few vaporizers with the audacity to be meaningful. Philosophical mantras like, “Always choose on the basis of love,” are engraved on its back, imbuing it with compassion rarely found in assembly line vapes. That personal touch—coupled with the Launch Box’s powerful vapor production—makes vaping feel less like a habit and more like an experience.

If you want more than what the vape pens at your local dispensary offer, here are five reasons why handmade vaporizers, like the Launch Box, are making the world a little better toke by toke.

1. Quality5 Reasons To Own A Handmade Vaporizer

More vaporizer brands buy their vapes from China than we’d like to believe. That means they’re cheaper in cost, but in some cases, that cheapness can literally explode in your face. Chinese factories will often prioritize minimum cost before quality, partly because there’s lax enforcement of product safety laws. What you get is higher defect rates and, at the very least, an awful plastic odor to your vapor.

In contrast, vaporizers that are handcrafted in the USA are more likely to be made with quality in mind.

Magic Flight, for example, practices an 87-step manufacturing approach carried out by human hands. Because the ability to quality control each vaporizer at every phase is there, you’re guaranteed a superior product. One way to tell if a company has any faith in the quality of its product is the length of the warranty. While some vaporizers don’t even have one, Magic Flight promises a lifetime of protection.  

2. Sustainability

5 Reasons To Own A Handmade Vaporizer

Handcrafted vaporizers are green.

While machine-made products use up energy, especially if they are produced overseas and require shipping, the manufacturing of handmade vapes requires less power and creates fewer emissions. Companies like Magic Flight are devoted to finding ecologically friendly ways to create awesome vaporizers, starting with their handmade approach to manufacturing and their use of renewable wood.

If you care about your ecological footprint, a handmade vaporizer is a righteous option.

3. Job Creation

5 Reasons To Own A Handmade Vaporizer

According to the “multiplier effect,” directing just 10 percent of consumer spending into a locally-owned business like Magic Flight builds hundreds of new jobs and increases local wages by millions of dollars.

Rather than outsource to China, like much of their competition, Magic Flight hires local artisans to handcraft each device in San Diego, California, keeping jobs in the U.S. Handcrafted vaporizer manufacturers also give jobs to people instead of machines, which is better off for the economy.

4. Value

5 Reasons To Own A Handmade Vaporizer

There’s a simple reason handmade products are perceived to have a higher value. High-quality materials and skilled labor make for a more valuable product.

Handcrafted vaporizers are no different. Because they take longer to make and the materials cost more, the price tag will likely be higher than a machine-made vape. But the build quality, vapor production and satisfaction of owning a valuable product are worth every penny.

You can also look at that higher value as an investment since a quality vaporizer will have fewer repair and replacement costs in the future.

5. Goodwill

5 Reasons To Own A Handmade Vaporizer

A 2012 study showed that 87 percent of people want businesses to show at least as much interest in their impact on society as their profits. If you happen to share that sentiment, a handcrafted vaporizer is the right option.

Your purchase is supporting the creation of jobs and keeping your ecological footprint smaller. Small independent businesses like Magic Flight have the freedom to base their products on the core value of sustainability, whereas large corporations are generally beholden to outsourcing, cheaper materials and mass-production.

Just another reason to make your next vaporizer a handmade one.

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