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7 Stocking Stuffers For Stoners

Looking for last minute stocking stuffers this holiday season? No worries, because we’ve got you covered.

Ab Hanna



6. THC Necklace

7 Stocking Stuffers For Stoners

Price: $39.00 or higher depending on the material.

For lovers of THC and jewelry, there’s the THC molecule necklace. If you have a loved one who also studies or works in the sciences, what better way do they have to express both loves?

Rocking this necklace in public is a great way to gauge your environment. If someone looks at your neck and nods, he or she knows what’s up. If that person looks at it confused, he or she might not partake—or possibly just care more about what the molecule feels like rather than what it looks like.

The necklace is also much classier and more subtle than a cliché (and probably tacky) pot leaf necklace. People who don’t approve of your habit will be less likely to attach stoner stereotypes because of your appearance.

The product is affordable, sturdy and it has almost nothing but positive reviews. It comes in several different lengths and materials. You can get it in both gold and silver.

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