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Most city-dwelling Seattle residents should be familiar with Top Tree’s brand, even if they’re not necessarily aware of it. Their safety-orange-bordered monthly cannabis/lifestyle zines seem to be carried at most cafes, boutiques and recreational weed shops around the city; they’ve been occupying a wall mural space on the bustling 10th & Pike corner of the Capitol Hill neighborhood for the last few months; and they have a meme-heavy Instagram page with over 53K followers at last count.

Turns out Top Tree doesn’t just talk about weed—they make some pretty rad weed products, too. Their bagged flower hit some recreational shelves this month, and they just introduced one of the best single-use/disposable vape pen options available on Washington’s legal market.

Top Tree’s vape pens come in three styles (including a pretty badass leaf-camo all-over print design) and multiple flavors (we tried the “Herbal” and “Berry” varieties), and they are loaded with 0.5g of THC distillate (AKA “clear” oil to some) rather than the more common CO2-extracted concentrate that fills most disposable vapes.


The results are favorable all around—Top Tree’s pens hit smoothly, taste great and are a whole lot stronger than your run-of-the-mill CO2 pen, boasting THC percentages from 70 – 80 percent. No more sacrificing potency for convenience!

No haylike CO2 extract taste here, either, just potent, terpy goodness (they have cannabis-derived and fruity flavors, so no taste preference is left out) that kicks discreet vaping into high gear. A couple pulls off of these had us well above cruising altitude.

With prices around $45 (manufacturer’s suggest retail price—actual price may vary from shop to shop), they won’t break the bank, and they’re still small enough to keep tucked in a pocket. Seems pretty conducive to even the most casual recreational weed tourist.

We’re definitely hyped to see (and hopefully smoke?) what’s next from this upstart Seattle entity.

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