Flight Passenger on Mushrooms Causes Chaos Mid-Flight

Maybe don’t take a full dose of psilocybin mushrooms on a flight full of strangers.

A man, experienced with psilocybin, used poor decision-making skills to take magic mushrooms on a flight, which caused a full-blown, semi-violent bad trip, leading to his arrest and embarrassment once the effects wore off.

A man flying from Miami to Washington, D.C. on October 4 was arrested after allegedly assaulting passengers and United Airlines flight crew members, high on psilocybin mushrooms, according to Virginia court documents recovered by NBC News.

FBI agents say Chelluy Loghan Sevilla is charged with assault and interfering with flight crew members, Boston Herald reports. Sevilla was aboard United Airlines flight 2116 last Tuesday and began acting erratically.

Before passengers were done boarding the plane, the unruly passenger began “wandering around the plane, running up and down the aisle, clapping loudly near the cockpit, and yelling obscenities,” the court affidavit reads. He was also “getting in other passengers’ faces—staring and smiling at them.”

Then, about one hour into the flight, Sevilla assaulted at least two people. He opened a locked bathroom while it was still being used by a fellow passenger, and broke off a piece of the bathroom door in the process. Only Sevilla knows what was going on inside his head at that point.

At that point, flight attendants were able to convince Sevilla to return to his seat, briefly, but then he laid on the floor, yelling louder. When one flight crew member tried to get him into his seat, he allegedly attacked her.

Sevilla suddenly jumped and attacked her, “grabbing and twisting [her] breast,” the court affidavit reads. He also twisted the arm of a second flight attendant.

Like all flights, a sky marshal was aboard the plane, and subdued and handcuffed Sevilla.


Flight Passenger Bad Behavior

Per Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, airspace is federally regulated, so a crime committed on a plane can be potentially much worse than a crime committed elsewhere. Bad behavior by airline passengers is getting worse, FAA representatives say.

“Law enforcement met United flight 2116 upon arrival in Washington Dulles due to a disruptive customer.” Sevilla was “removed” from the plane as soon as it landed safely and proceeded to the gate, a United Airlines spokesperson told the New York Daily News. “We also followed up with our crew members to make sure they were OK.”

Sevilla later told authorities that he had consumed the psilocybin mushrooms in Miami before boarding his flight. According to reports, the man appeared to be genuinely remorseful for his actions, saying that he had taken psilocybin mushrooms before—but never acted like this.

Sevilla was arrested and taken to an FBI office after the flight landed at Washington Dulles International in Dulles, Virginia.

Sevilla is expected to appear in court again this week. His court-appointed attorney, Shannon Quill, did not speak to the media, citing office policy.

Set and setting are key to an enjoyable psilocybin experience, and boarding a flight is one of the last things you should do, or anything out in public for that matter. In the case of Sevilla, he had experience with shrooms in the past, and never acted violently or erratically before. It’s possible that this particular batch of psilocybin mushrooms was more potent than what he was used to.

Last January, Vic Mensa was also arrested for possession of psilocybin mushrooms, and other psychedelics, at Washington Dulles International Airport. However Mensa did not take the shrooms during the flight.

  1. This sounds like more bullshit and fabrications by the prohibition side. Legalize and regulate or suffer the consequences. They could say “please don`t use mushrooms as it allows people to see what big assholes we are”.

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